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The industry of Gambling on the Internet evolves from day to day. Able to observe this new method for online poker players allowed many to discover this game, and especially to all these online casinos increasing developments in the field of poker, tournaments, multiply their table games, reserves etc But a very particular area begins today to pass a lot of ink, is that of online gambling. You can see that will soon be possible if it is not the case however bet by the net, but with a clear evolution in this field. On sport as we can ascertain it, and present the life of stars and even politics.

Blackjack is played in online casino, is one of the most popular card games and follow the world with the poker. For those who do not know the rules of blackjack, or even have never heard of, it is best to start slowly by practicing the procedures offered by free casino sites. In this way, you can safely use the few but essential rules of the blackjack without spending a penny of your own and when you're ready to play for real money you have already an experience that you could afford to win the first money at http://www.freespins.info/best-microgaming-casinos-online.

Making a Blackjack, and Figure As the gain is guaranteed because it is the highest combination at all, and is paid to double the bet. Importantly, the bank must comply with very precise rules: in fact is required to fish if the value of your hand is less than or equal to 16, and should instead stay if less than 17.

Each player has however wide choice and can decide if fishing charter at any time it deems appropriate, taking care anyway not overcome the fatal 21. You can also decide whether to split your hand, double down, surrender or insure against a bank online blackjack strategy, all options are advantages but also inevitably risks.

The goal is to get a score higher than the one with the dealer without exceeding 21 points. If you get a score higher than 21, you lose all your chips into play Free Spins. The game then takes place between the player and the dealer and since there are rules of secrecy is not necessary to play with cards, so the game can entertain and excite all players around the table.


- At the discretion of the player, the Ace is worth 1 or 11.

- 2 to 10, the value of the points correspond to the map

- All the figures (J, Q, K) are worth 10 points

- The seeds of the cards have no significance for the conduct of the game

Blackjack can be played with a deck of 52 cards, even if only land casino in a 6 deck because of the speed that characterizes this game. The final score is normally calculated by adding the value of each card.


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